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1. Party responsible for the processing of the personal data of the User

The responsible for the processing of the personal data of the User is WOODWINGS, represented by Mr. Dominiek GRAULS.

2. Confidential processing of personal data

2.1. WOODWINGS ensures the privacy and the protection of the personal data of any User of the Website.
2.2. The personal data collected by WOODWINGS is stored in a protected file that is not accessible to third parties. The file can only be consulted by WOODWINGS.
2.3. WOODWINGS does not give personal data to third parties, except (i) to her travel intermediaries with a view to the implementation of the Users completed travel contracts at WOODWINGS, (ii) in the case of personal data received through a give-away campaign: to her partner(s) in give-away, and (iii) except to comply with legal obligations and in case of request of legal authorities or police services in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

3. Purpose of processing

3.1. WOODWINGS processes the collected personal data in order to get in contact with the User, to be able to offer the User an optimal service, for example for handling orders, or to give the User access to certain information. The data can also be used to inform the User about news, new services, promotions and events by WOODWINGS and/or its travel intermediaries. Subject to explicit, written, different declaration, grants the User WOODWINGS the right to send information and direct marketing emails to the User.
3.2. If the User no longer wishes to receive the information specified in 3.1, he can report this by email to In the information mails sent by WOODWINGS to the User, there will be a hyperlink included through which the User can cancel his registration for those information mails.

4. Admission for processing


By providing WOODWINGS his/her personal information, the User expressly gives WOODWINGS permission to process the personal information for the purposes stated above.

5. Rights of access, correction and deletion of personal data

The User has the right to see the personally identifiable information about the User that WOODWINGS registered and, as the case may be, to correct inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete information. In addition, the User can request at any time the removal of his personal data from the file of WOODWINGS. The User can therefore turn to the responsible for the processing of personal data.

6. Use of Cookies

The Website uses cookies; it concerns small pieces of information that WOODWINGS transmits and stores on the hard drive of the User's computer. This information is with each visit returned to the Website's administrator. This information is used solely to verify the User's identity, and analyze behavior and website traffic. 

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