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The academy


With our coaching program, tailored to each participant, both beginners and experienced longboarders get the unique opportunity to hone their skills in a safe environment. Under the watchful eye of our experienced and trained coaches, lessons are constantly adjusted to your pace and level. Our goal is not only to teach you the (basic) principles of freestyle longboarding and longboard dancing but also to build your confidence so that you feel comfortable when you are on your board. You will develop a solid base to longboard on your own and make freestyle longboarding and longboard dancing a constant sport in your life. The great time in the mountains and the lifelong friendships you'll get for free! Below we explain exactly how we work:


Are you all fired up about the longboard craze and eager to learn your first steps? Or do you already have some weeks of experience? Are you an advanced beginner but would like to master the basic techniques? Then our 'Learn to longboard' lesson is for you! We start the week with the absolute basics of longboarding: we check your stance on your longboard, we train your stability on one leg so you can push and brake better, we work on your push and footbrake technique, we teach you your first turns and carves and we work together on your fall technique to avoid injuries. With this basic lesson, you will be 100% prepared for step 2 of our coaching program.




Do you master the basics of longboarding? Are you an advanced longboarder but want to control your tricks better? Or are you looking for tips and advice to get more control over your board? Then our 'Improve your longboard' course is for you! After fine-tuning your turning and carving technique, we'll switch to your (first?) tricks. Every freestyle trick or dancing move will be analyzed together with you and build up by using different steps & exercises. This way you'll learn the trick without mistakes and you'll get more control over the cooperation of your upper and lower body. With these tricks, we lay the foundation for advanced tricks and combos. Easy peasy? Step 3, here we come!




The real deal: time for your first longboard combos! Have you laid a good foundation after going through steps 1 and 2 of our Longboard Academy? Or are you already an advanced freestyle longboarder or longboard dancer and do you want to learn new tricks? Then our 'Excel your longboard' class is something for you! During these lessons, you'll take your tricks to the next level and you'll learn how to combine all the tricks you've already mastered into a stylish combo. 





As an absolute beginner, do you not have your own equipment yet or as an advanced longboarder, do you want to practice a new longboard discipline all week long? No worries! We rent out the latest gear and the best protective gear, ranging from complete setups to helmets, at bargain prices! Don't forget to mention this when booking.

Would you like to buy your own protective gear or are you looking for a new setup? With our large offer of high-quality brands we will - with no doubt - be able to help you in our shop. Want to make sure that your size of protective gear will be available in the shop? Send us an email to info@campwoodwings.com and we will take care of it!



The lesson package is inclusive and provides a minimum of 2.5 hours of lessons per day. On the first day, the instructor evaluates your level and then we train you with a personal program. Under the guidance and care of our experienced team of instructors, these lessons are always adapted to your pace and level.

Wearing a helmet and the appropriate protective gear is always mandatory.