Downhill longboard camp - Camp Woodwings

The testcenter

Are you tired of spending hundreds of euros on bushings that ultimately don't suit you? Or are your new wheels always that little bit too icy or grippy? Do you want to know how it feels to ride precision trucks? Or do you just want to ride a new board every day, depending on the discipline you practice? We will help you in your search for the gear that suits you best, without you having to buy it all.



In cooperation with our partners and sponsors, we are setting up a test center where our partners can promote their products. Through the test center, we want to bring the producers and consumers one step closer to each other. Because of the enormous offer of products in recent years and the immensely popular media, for many people it is no longer clear what the different producers offer and where that little bit of difference lies.

There is no doubt that this will be the central place of the camp. It is the place where you can test the latest gear available on the longboard market. If you want to make sure that that particular board or wheels you've been wanting to test are there, fill out the 'Build your camp' form and we'll do our best to get that gear on site for you.



For a repair or replacement, you can always visit the Camp Woodwings shop. Bearings, nuts and bolts, griptape, slide gloves and -pucks, brake soles, bushings or just a set of fresh wheels; it's all here. You'll also find a wide range of hardware (decks, trucks, ...) to clothing and protection. For explanations and information, or for a helping hand, you can count on the coaches at any time of day. 



In the test center we provide workbenches with all the necessary tools to work on and set up your board. Our experienced coaches are always ready to lend a hand and answer your questions.


* the availability of the gear offered depends on our partners and sponsors