Downhill longboard camp - Camp Woodwings

The skate


Le Margériaz - 4.5 kilometers, 4 wide hairpins, several S-curves, 400 meters difference in altitude, and an average slope of 9.20%. Needless to say more, the numbers tell the whole story. Even beginning downhillers will feel comfortable here because the road and the curves are enormously wide so you can always slide to slow down. The road got repaved in 2016, 2019 and 2021.

Wearing a full-face helmet, back protector, gloves and either knee protection and elbow protection or leathers is mandatory! If you do not have a full-face helmet or other protective gear, you can rent it. Please do not forget to mention this when booking. 



For the basic lessons of our Woodwings Academy, we have a huge platform at the top of the mountain. On the slightly sloping platform, you can learn your new slides in all peace and safety while enjoying a phenomenal view and refreshing mountain air.


Wearing a helmet, gloves and knee protection is mandatory at all times! We also strongly recommend that you always wear elbow protection.


!! SAFETY !!

Our team is committed to safety. The road will be completely fenced off and secured with high-impact mattresses and safety nets from the Le Margériaz ski resort. There will be more than enough coaches present (1 coach per 6 participants), equipped with walkie-talkies, so that the overview is guaranteed. Each participant will also receive a comprehensive briefing.

Those who do not respect our safety rules, do not obey the coaches, do not wear the obligatory protective gear or repeatedly and/or deliberately endanger others, will be denied access to the mountain for the rest of the week!