Longboard camp FAQ - Activities and lessons | Camp Woodwings

Activities and lessons

What do the longboard spots look like?

The Downhill road - 3.8 kilometers, 3 wide hairpins, several S-curves, 350 meters difference in altitude and an average slope of 9.20% with a maximum of 12.50%. Needless to say more, the numbers tell the whole story. Even beginning downhillers will feel comfortable here because the road and the curves are enormously wide so you can always slide to slow down. The road received completely new asphalt in 2016, 2019 and 2021. 

The Lake of Annecy - Annecy, also called the Venice of the French Alps, is once again the setting for our freestyle & dancing camp. Along the shores of this idyllic lake, runs an endless boulevard with our ultimate freestyle spot. 

The Woodwings platform - For the basic lessons of our Woodwings Downhill Academy and the longboard dancing clinics, we have a gigantic platform at the top of the mountain. On the slightly sloping platform, you can learn your new tricks & slides in all peace and safety while enjoying a phenomenal view and refreshing mountain air.

Is the road completely closed for traffic and secured?

For our team, nothing is more important than safety. The Woodwings road will be COMPLETELY CLOSED for traffic, for which we have an autorisation and permit from the local autorities and the department.

There will be sufficent supervisors present (1 supervisor for 5 guests) making sure everything runs safely. All our safety marshalls are connected and equipped with walkie-talkies. The road is sufficiently SECURED with over 50 high-impact matrasses and safety nets. First aid will be provided immediately.

Anyone not respecting the safety rules, not listening to the supervisors, not wearing the mandatory safety equipment or endangering others, will be denied access to the mountain for the rest of the week!

I have no longboard experience. Is this camp good for me?

Our goal is to promote longboarding and other downhill sports and to give people a good taste of those amazing sports. The Woodwings camp offers the perfect setting in which you can start with your first steps,  in a safe way and surrounded by professional instructors. Here you will be able to develop your skills and gain sufficient experience during your weekly stay. Therefore we will work hard to provide you with the best training and camp facilities you can imagine!

Longboard and protective gear can be rented at a cheap price. Our daily lessons are included! For questions, tricks and tips, our instructors will be there for you anytime 24/24!

I have no longboard experience. Should I take lessons?

Everybody can learn to longboard without taking any lessons. As the matter in fact, that's how we learned it many years ago. The best thing about those sports is that you can learn, try and invent new things, just by falling and getting up again.

With our longboard lessons, you will be able to learn faster and better. As with every sport, it is always better to learn the correct techniques instead of unlearning the wrong ones. Our lessons start with the basics of longboarding and will progress based on your pace.

Next to the daily practice-based courses, your instructor will tell you more about the do's and dont's, safety, unwritten rules of longboarding and helps you with all your questions about your setup our your future longboard.

Are the lessons included in my package? If so, are they mandatory?

​All lessons are included! Our curriculum consists of minimum 2,5 hours of lessons a day. During the first day, your teacher will assess your level and afterwards you’ll continue your training in a personal program. 

The lessons are not mandatory but we strongly recommend you to use them. Do you fear not having enough free time to longboard? Don't worry about that. We will spend about six hours per day on our longboards; plenty of time!

Can I get extra lessons in addition to the included lessons?

Unfortunately this isn't possible. Our instructors have other tasks during the day, such as securing the roads during the downhill activities. Nonetheless, with 2,5 hours of lessons per day you will get more than enough information with which you will be able to practice all day long. Of course our instructors are always there for you to give you feedback and help with tips and tricks.