Longboard camp FAQ - COVID-19 | Camp Woodwings


Booking a trip has become quite a task these days. The colored country codes fly by, you have to fill in a 'Passenger Locator Form' when returning to your country and you better check the cancellation conditions with the travel organization. 

However, we like to make it as easy as possible for you. Carefree booking & traveling is our top priority!

Our public Woodwings corona promise is: 
a. our answer to all possible questions about traveling during corona and;
b. our guidebook in our decision making. 

You decide for yourself what you find important in terms of security when booking your next summer holiday, while we commit to openly communicate about COV-19 situations & restrictions that might affect your next trip.

✔️  Read our Woodwings Corona Promise here

✔️  Find the latest updates from the French Government here

PS: If you are not sure if you can travel or participate in the camp this summer, we offer a cancellation insurance that allows you to cancel your trip without reason/certification and at no cost.