Longboard camp FAQ - Who are you? | Camp Woodwings

Who are you?

I have just started longboarding. Is this camp suitable for me?

Definitely! Camp Woodwings has emerged from the idea of getting people familiar with longboarding, in a safe environment. It is here that you can start your first steps in a safe way, surrounded by professional and personal guidance. For a week, Woodwings is home to young and old, for everyone who wants to work on his longboard skills under the supervision of globally recognized and international pro-riders.

You can rent equipment and protective gear at bargain prices and you will receive lessons every day! Our instructors are always there to give you feedback and help with tips and tricks.

I want to come but I do not know anyone who is going. Is it recommended to come alone?

Of course! In fact, the majority of our participants come to the camp individually! It is not for nothing that we re-emphasize our mission - Come as strangers, leave as friends -. Since we are an international longboard camp, with over 15 different nationalities attending each year, the group atmosphere is extremely important to us. And you will notice that from the first second you arrive at the camp.

I already have a lot of experience in longboarding. Is this camp suitable for me?

Definitely! We will always be able to teach you something new! Why are we so convinced? Because a week at the camp with like-minded participants, guided by professional instructors and individual coaching by sponsored riders is simply THE success formula for personal progression. Besides, you will enjoy a wonderful holiday in the beautiful surroundings of the French Alps.

How old do I have to be to join the WoodWings camp?

Since the summer of 2020, we ​organize an 'all-ages' longboard camp. Since this formula never causes any issues on longboard events - it even adds a familiar atmosphere to the event's vibe -, we had to take the demand of friend groups for a mixed ages camp into consideration. 

To participate in our camps you must be 13 years old or turn 13 in the year of participation.

If you are under the age of 16 or 18, specific rules will apply to you at camp, depending on the law.

If you're a minor, do not forget the approval form signed by your parents!​

I would like to learn longboarding, but am I not too old for a longboard camp?

You are only as old / young as you feel! The oldest participant to date was - hold on - 48 years! 'Age is just a number' they say...

I mainly do freestyle longboarding & longboard dancing. Is Woodwings something for me?

All the way! Camp Woodwings is an all-around longboard camp. This means that we offer all disciplines of longboarding. From 2021 onwards, we split our offer into 2 camps: Freestyle & Dancing and Downhill & Freeride. Do you want to freestyle all day or improve your dancing skills? We strongly recommend you to have a look at our Freestyle & Dancing camp. During this week, we will spend most of our time around the beautiful lake of Annecy (pro tip: google) and there will be sponsored freestyle & dancing coaches present who will, together with you, be happy to freestyle 'till you drop!

My English is not that good yet. Might that be a problem?

As you probably already have read, English is the language of communication at the camp. We know - from experience - that this is no problem at all, not even for those who can barely speak English. Every briefing is given in English, Dutch and French. Our instructors and guides are also multilingual, so if you have questions, you can always ask them in your language of choice. Of course we try to motivate everyone to talk as much English as possible so that you can work on your English (and even French-speaking) skills in a great environment, all in addition to longboarding.

I would like to reserve my place in time, but I can only pay later.

That's possible! According to our Book now & pay later principle, we ask an advance payment of only 20% of the total travel sum. You must pay this deposit within 7 days after the confirmation of your booking. The remaining balance must only be paid 45 days before your departure. That's cool, right?