Longboard camp FAQ - Who are we? | Camp Woodwings

Who are we?

Who is Camp Woodwings?

Camp Woodwings is a Belgian travel agency specialized in the organization of unique longboard trips and camps. Our concept is based upon our years-long experience in the world of longboarding combined with the knowledge we gathered for years in the travel industry. All our trips are accompanied by ourselves, a motivated and internally trained instructors team and globally recognized and sponsored pro-riders. Sharing our passion for longboarding with you, that’s our mission. 

In recent years Camp Woodwings has grown into a leading international longboard & downhill camp, recognized by the International Downhill Federation IDF and affiliated with the Multisport Federation FROS. With over 25 nationalities and counting, you can safely say that Camp Woodwings is the international hotspot for everyone where the word longboard makes the heart beat faster.

Woodwings is a product by Woodwings bv. You can find our contact and company details under the ‘Contact’ menu. 

Is Camp Woodwings made for me?

Are you 13 years old or older? Are you completely sold on longboarding, freeboarding or drift triking and do you want to work hard on improving your skills during the summer? Or did you just start with your first beginner steps and you want to progress fast under our professional supervision? If that’s the case, we’re sure you will find your perfect holiday with us. Our offer is based upon different disciplines, divided in two categories: Downhill & Freeride and Freestyle & Dancing. This way we can adjust our service to you and offer you a custom-made holiday

At our camps, you can practise your favorite sport in a safe and unique environment: from the secured and completely closed for all traffic road of our Woodwings mountain to the shores of Lake Annecy. With many workshops, contests and activities we’ll make sure that you won’t be bored for a second. Of course, you will have enough free time to relax at our basecamp, have fun on the slackline or miniramp, or just chill out at the bar. 

For more information about the camp, we would like to redirect you to ‘The Camp’ page.