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The skate


Slopestyle has been around in the States for many years but in Europe it has been quite small. That’s why we have a wide range of obstacles like quarterpipes, banks, speedbumps, a kicker and a big air. Not sure if you have the right board or setup? Don’t worry, together with our partners we will provide the newest techslide/freeride gear! At the end of the week we will be having a slidejam and boardercross contest in which you can race each other on a technical circuit, with your level in mind, that we’ll build for you.

Wearing a helmet, gloves and knee protection is always obligatory! We strongly advise to wear elbow protection as well.



For all our freestylers and dancers we have a giant plateau on top of the mountain. Here you can learn new tricks while enjoying the breathtaking view! Of course this isn’t complete without a hippiejump. At the end of the week we will have a contest to show of the sickest G-turn and highest hippiejump!



ROAD 1 - Both beginning downhillers as more experienced riders will have lots of fun on this 2km road. In standup the road reaches up to speeds of 30km per hour. In tuck the maximum speed increases up to 60km per hour. The only condition to start here is that you can footbreak or control a slide to stop. If you’re not comfortable with this yet, we suggest you to take some lessons first! It’s a long week after all. The road consists of a combination of various (technical) sweepers and 1 large curve. Ow yeah, the concrete is only 3 years old! Click here to see the video.


ROAD 2 - 5 kilometer, 6 different hairpins, 2 sweepers, 500 meter altitude difference and an average incline of 7,60% with a maximum of 12,50%. Needless to say more, the numbers tell the whole story. Even beginning downhillers will be comfortable on this road since it is very wide, smooth and has very large turns. 1300 meter of this road has been renewed with smooth black concrete in spring 2016. That's why we will focus our activities on this part. The maximum speed in tuck increases up to 90km per hour! Click here to see the video.


Wearing a fullface helmet, back protector, gloves and either knee and elbow protection or leather is mandatory! If you don’t have a fullface helmet or other protection, you can rent this as well. Don’t forget to mention this already with your booking.


!! SAFETY !!

For our team nothing is more important than safety. We close down the roads completely and the roads are sufficiently secured with high-impact matrasses, safety nets and haystacks. There will be many supervisors present (1 supervisor for 5 guests), equipped with walkie-talkies, to make sure we see everything and all participants will receive a briefing.

Anyone not respecting the safety rules, not listening to the supervisors, not wearing the mandatory safety equipment or endangering others, will be denied access to the mountain for the rest of the week!