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The testcenter

Due to the last minute camp due to COVID-19, there will most likely not be a test center this year.


Are you sick and tired of spending hundreds of euro’s on bushings that don’t suit you in the end? Or are your new wheels just a tad too icy or grippy? Want to know how it feels to ride on precision trucks? Or do you just want to ride a different board every day depending on the discipline you’re training? We love to help you find the right equipment for you, without having to buy it all.



In corporation with our partners and sponsors we build a test center at the top of the mountain where they can promote their products and equipment. Through our test center we try to bring the companies and the riders a step closer to one another. Due to the massive range of equipment in the last few years and the immensely popular media, many people lost track of what every company offers and where the small differences are.

That this will be the main spot of our camp is clear. This is where you can find the newest gear on the market, and test it. Want to make sure that you can test that certain board or wheels that you’ve been wanting to try for so long? Then make sure to fill out the form under ‘Build your camp’ and we’ll try our best to get it for you.



If you need to repair or change something you can head out to our WoodWings-shop. Bearings, bolts and screws, griptape, slidegloves and -pucks, brakesoles, bushings or just some fresh wheels; you’ll find it all. Furthermore you will find a large offer ranging from hardware (decks, trucks, ...) to clothing and protection. Our supervisors will be around all day to help you out or give you an explanation.  



In our test center we will supply you with worktables and al the necessary tools to change and set up your board. All our experienced supervisors will be there for you to help you out and answer any questions you might have.


* the availability of the offered material depends on our partners & sponsors