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The camp & crew

Over the past years, we have welcomed over 20 different nationalities. An international audience asks for an international crew of passionate longboarders. The main language of the camp is English. French, Dutch, Spanish and other languages can be used as a second language in small groups or for better personal coaching. With the guidance of 1 supervisor for 5 riders, we guarantee a safe and committed environment for every Woodwings rider.

Our participants will arrive on Saturday. Saturday we begin the week with a comprehensive briefing on the camp and the riders safety, the presentation of the instructors, a check-up of your gear and we help you where needed in the search for your ideal setup. As most of you will be a little tired of the outward journey, we will mainly relax on the basecamp. On Sunday we kick off the day with a good warm-up and (where appropriate) the first lessons in your discipline of choice. 

Throughout the week we will make a day trip to Annecy. Here you can fully enjoy the downhill skate park / snake run including the skate bowl, which used to be the decor for the French Championship. Along the idyllic Lake of Annecy you can find an endless boulevard, ideal for cruising, dancing and freestyle. You feel more like sunbathing on the beach or grabbing a drink on a terrace? Everything is possible here!

With many workshops, contests and activities we’ll make sure that you won’t be bored for a second. Of course you will have enough free time to relax at our basecamp, take a swim in the lake, have fun on the slackline or miniramp, or just chill out with your friends while gaming on our PlayStation 4. 

Besides our daily lessons and longboard activities we offer a bunch of useful and cool workshops. During our theory lessons we will highlight the importance of safety while longboarding, tell you interesting do’s and don’t’s and good knowhow. To recover from a heavy day of skating, we organize cozy activities at the bar, chill-sessions at the mini-ramp, firepits and stargazing, beerprong and cozy parties.

Our experienced instructors will be there for you to give you an amazing all-round experience full of downhill skating, freestyle longboarding, miniramp sessions, bbq's and tons of chill vibes. You name it, they make it! Of course longboarding is our number 1 priority! And who knows, are you ready to be the next King of the Camp?