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The academy


Has the longboard madness caught you in its grip and are you eager to learn the first steps? Or do you already have a couple of weeks experience? Are you a seasoned beginner but would you like to improve you basics? Then our ‘Learn to Longboard’ course is perfect for you!



Are you an advanced longboarder who wants to learn some new tricks or throw bigger slides? Do you want to learn a different discipline? Or are you looking for tips and tricks to gain more boardcontrol? Then our ‘Improve your longboard’ is your thing!



Are you an experienced downhill rider and do you want to get ready for your first race? Do you want to learn how to start faster and push harder? Want to tuck more aerodynamically and draft more efficiently? How about pre-drifting that corner to maximize your benefit from the apex? Hell yeah!? If that's the case, than our race tactics lesson is made for you! Keep your eyes peeled on our 2nd week 'the downhill camp'.



You just started and you haven’t got your own equipment, or want to try a different discipline as an advanced longboarder? Don’t worry! We rent the newest gear and the best protective gear, ranging from complete setups to fullface helmets for cheap prices! Make sure you don’t forget to mention this together with your booking.

Would you like to buy your own protection gear or are you looking for a new setup? With our large offer of high quality brands we will - with no doubt - be able to help you in our shop. Want to make sure that your size of protection gear will be available in the shop? Send us en email to and we will take care of it!



Our curriculum consists of 2,5 hours of lessons a day. During the first day your teacher will assess your level and afterwards you’ll continue your training in a personal program. During your lessons you will be able to choose from the different disciplines and techniques in longboarding. Under supervision and care of our experienced team the lessons will constantly be adjusted to the level and speeds of every participant.

Wearing a helmet and the appropriate safety equipment is always mandatory. We will take care of the safety at the spot for your longboard lessons.